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Camp Arrowhead

History of Camp Arrowhead 


Camp Arrowhead was founded after World War II by a group of veterans. Camp Arrowhead is nestled on the shore of Lake Cochituate in Natick MA.  Its a place where veteran amputees could come and enjoy social and physical recreation and receive support as they rebuild their physical, mental and spiritual independence.

Soon after, the veterans living with a handicap, recognized the need to serve disabled children and opened up a summer camp in 1958.  The philosophy of Camp Arrowhead is to strengthen each camper’s self-esteem and foster interaction with peers and staff within the Camp Arrowhead community.

There are an estimated 1000 amputee veterans in Massachusetts. The group is in touch with about 300 of them and 40 of them live within the MetroWest area.  The amputee veterans still seek out similarly injured soldiers, from Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan to help aide them in their rehabilitation and helping to raise their quality of life. The veterans group is seeking fellow veterans who need services and have a desire to help their injured comrades.  

''It's something that we're proud of," said Joe Connolly, Korean War Veteran and commander of the Amputee Veterans of America Inc.”  I think it's living with a handicap that makes [veterans] more open to working with others."

As of today, Camp Arrowhead American Veterans' Recreation Association is being revived by a small group of Veteran volunteers and private and community supporters. 

Our Strategic Goals include:

  • Advancing the health and wellness of Veterans through recreational programs and activities.

  • Growing awareness of the organizations mission.

  • Collaborating with other supportive organizations.

If you are interested in programs, services, volunteering or donating, please contact us today.  


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